Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sweet bean soup with rice cake

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Chicken meat ball nabe

This stew is called Nabe. Usually we put the big pot in the center of the table. The pot should be also on the mobile stove to keep the pot warm or hot. People serve the food by themselves.

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The Nabe is heart-warming winter food. This time nabe can be made easily here. Almost every ingredient can be acquired here.
First, make chicken ball.

Sunday, January 30, 2005


When I was little, I remember my mother sometimes rushed to outside carrying a bowl to buy Tofu. Tofusellers was selling fresh Tofu outside. In Japan, Tofu is supposed to be eaten in as fresh as possible. Real tofu makers in Japan make tofu early in the morning. We should eat it by noon. We just eat Tofu with dipping soy sauce. Fresh tofu is so good. Unfortunatelly, I have never eaten good Tofu here. Although almost everybody knows how healthy tofu is, it does not seem many people cook every day. I think the reason is here tofu is not so good. It is just hard and sour. Here I don't eat tofu either. The reason is Tofu is not delicious at all here.